About Paoshi Products

Decades ago it woke up in the consciousness of the world population, questioning the importance of caring for the planet and our body: both external and in depth. That is why, today, products with a philosophy oriented towards mother nature have emerged responsibly: articles for the home and for everyday use, of organic origin that respect our environment.

However, we must take into account that the costs of these utensils are inaccessible and often difficult to find, among the great variety of products that do not provide the necessary fertilizer for the protection of the land, thus encrypting the offer options in the market and leading people to continue purchasing non-eco-sustainable items. 

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About us

Traveling around the world -with love, passion and curiosity- we discover many artisan products, different forms of production, different ingredients with ancient techniques. Going as far as the roots sink and with a fusion of ideas, “Paoshi Products” emerged, a family-based “online” company that aims to bring together a wide range of goods and services, placing a real opportunity on the market to improve in terms of quality of food, cosmetics, accessories, among others.

This expanding company meets the standards that respect our philosophy: conserve and help our planet, improve our quality of life, contribute to the environment and offer a new concept of investment and consumption -Green- with ecological items at a price affordable for everyone.

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Paoshi Products Radio

Paoshi radio is a green ecological radio to connect our mind with the earth, because our mind and body are connected with the earth, for this reason Paoshi create a new concept of radio, to connect that and help for new conscious lifestyle.