Organic and Natural | Life is green

Organic comes from the earth, therefore it is natural.

The art of living under the ORGANIC AND NATURAL premise proposed by is a global trend.

Humanity requires a change that must begin with each one of us

  • Becoming aware of what we do, how it affects others and the environment we inhabit. Life is Green!
  • It is necessary to rethink the consumption habits that for years have set the tone.
  • Nest in our being a sense of belonging to everything that surrounds us, yes, as you are reading. Feeling that the ground that you step on every moment to move from one place to another belongs to you and therefore must be taken care of.
  • Each breath, even by inertia, is a Holy Instant Connecting with the Environment that has coexisted with humanity for millions of years and we must preserve.

Under this order of ideas, proposes a lifestyle where the products that are manufactured and consumed daily are Eco-Friendly.

Life is Green

Paoshi presents a line of Handmade Products for daily care:

  • Clothing
  • Organic Food
  • Home
  • Accessories
  • Soaps
  • Skin care
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Courses

Life is Green – 100% Organic Products represents an Alternative Conscious Consumption – Ecological, Manufactured Products are Made With Organic and Natural Raw Material from Kilometer 0

Life is Green represents a completely Friendly Ideology with the Environment and with people, taking into account that we cohabit and exist with people who need our help, for this reason extends its helping hand to collaborate with those who need it especially children through our foundation .

We are not just ecology

We have available to the Radio and TV Online community where you can access to learn:

  • Yoga
  • Self love
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry of cosmetics
  • Appreciate and value everything that surrounds us.

Life is Green with is a lifestyle that meets the primary needs for skin care, home and inner self.

Presented in their podcast valuable information that drives this new change where we are all protagonists in favor of a new conscious and efficient lifestyle, causing the minimum impact on our non-renewable natural resources.

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