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View from the estate: Yellow earth
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Who is Terra Gialla?

TerraGialla is a small artisan company that prefers to focus on quality rather than quantity. This allows them to treat each product from the first sprout with traditional methods without the use of any chemical substance, thus maintaining all the genuineness and naturalness of each product they offer. All this is also achieved thanks to biodynamic cultivation in an ideal environmental context.

There are those who always put quality first, those who have an instinct for good things, those who let themselves be guided by the heart, others by the head. Ilaria does all this at TerraGialla.

A force of nature would say Ilaria’s friends. She has always had a passion for Bolognese cuisine, where she was born and lived up to the age of 26. Having finished his studies after a sabbatical, he falls in love with the yellow earth of Sicily and decides to go back to his origins and build his new life on the hills of Avola, in an uncontaminated place surrounded by nature.


Now finally the TerraGialla company is born, here they cultivate and process their products in respect of nature without the use of pesticides or chemicals but only thanks to the contribution of microorganisms and compost they produce.

The property covers an area of ​​about 7 hectares where the scents of aromatic plants that grow spontaneously such as thyme and fennel mix with fragrances of orange blossom, wild myrtle and almond trees in bloom, all framed by a splendid view of the coast.

The laboratory where they prepare their preserves is located inside the farm, this allows them to process the various products immediately as soon as they are harvested, maintaining all the freshness and organoleptic properties of the fruits.

In their land they have a citrus grove with various arace plants, bitter oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, with which they prepare various jams, as our grandmothers once did. The fruits are harvested manually and immediately processed without adding preservatives or dyes.

There are also olive trees of different cultivars such as Moresca, Biancolilla and Tonda Iblea from which we create our oil. A carob grove with centuries-old trees and almond trees from which we collect the precious and world-famous Avola almonds (Pizzuta, Fascionello and Romana).

In our garden we grow tomatoes, a very sweet local onion, artichokes and all the spices we use in our products.

All our work comes from a love and respect for the land and the genuine, for this we use traditional and artisanal techniques.